Audrey Hepburn

A Style Education: Celebrating Audrey Hepburn

When we think of style icons, this list is rather short – or can be – and at the top is always Audrey Hepburn.  Today would have been this elegant lady’s 85th  birthday.  She was one of the most stylish women of our times who left an indelible fingerprint on our modern sense fashion, design and culture.  Audrey taught us the meaning of effortless elegance – she simply embodied it.  The lovely Ms. Hepburn was a muse of her time in the 60’s (my hands down favorite design era) and something about her continues to resonate within us to this day.

Ms. Hepburn has been particularly top of mind this year when my niece decided to have a “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” themed Bat Mitzvah. Thankfully this raised many questions among her younger friends and family about what exactly that meant.  No better time to educate this generation of girls about one of the most stylish women and movies ever created!

I was thrilled to have this chance to watch “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” with my 13 year-old – and I just happen to have a collection of Audrey Hepburn movies at the ready. Watching old movies with a younger generation is quite interesting.  It kept her interest mostly (she was constantly checking her phone, but that is normal) as the pace of older movies is quite slow.

I had forgotten how many phrases, trends, fashions, etc. have been influenced by this movie – it practically touches every aspect of our current lives.  I made sure to point out how chic and stylish this movie is and called special attention to the clothing  (that black hat is ah-mazing) and to her effortless beauty (we know it takes a bit more than falling out of bed). I have no idea if any of it sunk in, but at least she has seen the iconic Audrey Hepburn and may one day, remember watching it and be inspired.

In celebration of this special day, lets take a moment to remember some of her most iconic moments and have an incredibly elegant day. Audrey Hepburn Audrey Hepburn Audrey Hepburn Audrey Hepburn


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