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Best Kept Skincare Secret in NY: Mario Badescu Facials

best facial in NY

Most of you have probably come across Mario Badescu in your local high-end department store or have seen that genius tiny pink bottle of pimple-healing drying lotion (which is 100% effective!).  What you might not know is that Mario Badescu started way back as a spa in NYC and has, hands down, the best facials you can find.  Tucked away on the ground floor of an unassuming residential building in Manhattan and surprisingly affordable – priced starting at only mario badescu$65 – you will get one of the most effective facials you will ever have.  It will truly leave your skin soft, flawless and glowing.  I have been going to MB since, well, for MANY years and could not run this blog without sharing on of my best secrets.  Sure I have wandered, tried others and other product lines.  But when I am having real issues and need to clear my skin, I always come back to Mario Badescu.  The company was started by Mario back in 1967 and quickly gained a die-hard celebrity following. All sorts of celeb photos adorn the walls from Martha Stewart to Jennifer Aniston.

In addition to the basic facial I always get an add on, some of my favorites are:

The Glycolic Acid Treatment ($45 add on) – this seems to fix whatever is wrong – dry patches to break outs.  It is a rapid exfoliating treatment that stimulates cellular turnover to help you regain a healthy, smooth, and even complexion. Glycolic Acid is an Alpha Hydroxy Acid derived from sugar cane that works to loosen the bond that holds dead skin cells together, allowing them to slough away revealing fresh, new skin underneath. Regular glycolic treatments will result in minimizing pore congestion and blackheads, minimizing discoloration from old acne and sun exposure as well as softening the look of fine lines and dull skin.

– The Herbal Seaweed Treatment($35 add on) – seaweed is loaded with antioxidants, vitamins and trace minerals that work miracles on our skin.  They help rejuvenate and revitalize the complexion.  Seaweed forms a gel with the proteins in the skin helping cellular renewal and preventing moisture loss. Having anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and disinfecting properties, our Herbal Seaweed Treatment is effective for treating very sensitive or acne-prone skin.

– The Super Collagen Treatment ($30 add on) – have an event to go to?  This is the one you want.  Collagen helps the skin look younger by keeping it firm and elastic.  This treatment will improve tone, moisture and plumpness, giving skin a healthy, firm appearance.

I will be posting more about some of my favorite products from his line, but trust me, these facials are going to change your life!

Mario Badescu,  320 East 52nd Street New York, NY 10022



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