Everything You Need to Know About Dry Shampoo Oribe

Considered the lazy girl’s BFF, dry shampoo has quickly secured a permanent spot in my beauty arsenal.  I now use it use it 2-3x per week to save some serious time for my work week hair.  It is also ideal for getting that Bridgette Bardot sexy tousled look for a sassy and sultry Saturday night on the town. I realized many don’t really know how best to use it and may have only heard of the pricier brands like Oribe. For my fellow lazy gals, here’s everything you need to know!

What is dry shampoo?

It is a scented powdered substance that is used in dry or spray formulas to help absorb excess oil and dirt at the roots/scalp to help extend a blow out, when you just can’t spare the time to wash n’ dry.  The light scent also helps refresh the hair so it smells clean

How does dry shampoo work on dark hair?

I know many brunettes that complain that dry shampoo leaves a white-ish coating on their roots. Two things contribute to this – one an overly powdery product and how you are using it.  Make sure to select a spray product vs a loose powder  (recommendations below) and always give it a blast with a hair dryer.

 How do I use a dry shampoo?

The most important steps to make you fall in love with the power of dry shampoo:

  1. Brush your hair (this may seem to be obvi, but it needs to be said for some)
  2. Spray around the entire hair line
  3. Use your fingers or comb to section hair in the crown and around the face to spray the roots and scalp. ( I don’t usually bother with the back of my head)
  4. LET it stand for at least 2 min
  5. Brush again
  6. Style with a blow dryer – I like to flip it around and really lift the roots.  Also this is the time to continue on with a curling iron, rollers, etc.
  7. DONE

 Can I use it on keratin treatments or Brazilian blowouts?

Absolutely!  Dry shampoo does not contain sulfates and other chemicals that can break down treatments or hair color, so this is a great way to extend the life of your treatments.

 How many times can I use it?

Up to you, but I say three days in a row starts to push the envelope.

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