Globe Trotting: Serious Nail Art From Shibuya,Tokyo

Looking for some fresh beauty ideas?  Then check out beauty trends in other countries – I am fascinated by the commonalities we women share across borders as well as the the dramatic differences that leave me confused, yet curious. Scoping out the beauty scene in Japan is always good for finding unusual (sometimes strange) and cutting edge trends.  As we know, the super-hot nail art craze really took off there.  I recently came across this very cool video from our friends at Sephora that goes to the Shibuya area of Tokyo, considered the Times Square of the city.  Similarly, the Shibuya area has all the bright lights and fast-paced hustle of NYC along with throngs of people – many of whom like to showcase their unique and quirky fashion expressions. Nightlife, shops, restaurants, tourists all syncopate to the blasting Japanese pop music echoing in the streets.  It is in this urban chaos you can find some of the true nail artists hard at work – extending, coating, coloring and blinging out any nail they can find.  This video features some of the high-concept, rhinestone-encrusted gel nail art found in the heart of this trendy city. Tanoshimu!





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