Help save the bees with Chantecaille Chantecaille Bees

I happen to love this brand and what it stands for.  “The extraordinary alliance of nature and science” is its tagline.  Chantecaille defines the modern sense of chic luxury with environmental responsibility.  Season after season, their “Cause-metics” turn out truly inspired color palettes that are packed with purpose and meaning, but in a completely cool and understated way.  For Spring 2014, they are looking to give some love to the bees.  Inspired by the colorful and fragrant world of bees, this spring line captures the excitement and renewal of spring and perfectly compliment this season’s fashion trends.

  • 5% of proceeds from the Save the Bees Palette will be donated to The Xerces Society to help protect bees and our environment.
  • Palette features Honey, a glistening golden highlighter for both eyes and cheek, and Nectar Blush, a flattering warm coral-pink.
  • Includes two new eye shades: Sky, an eye-opening sheer blue, and Beehive, a versatile grey beige.
  • Paraben-free; Refillable.

GET IT NOW! – Neiman Marcus – $83.00

Here is more background on the Save the Bees cause from Chantecaille:

Acting as Nature’s pollinators, Bees have played an extremely vital role in our terrestrial ecosystems for millions of years. Unfortunately, in the past century a number of bee populations have gone extinct as a result of disease outbreak, monocultures such as corn and soy and repeated use of dangerous pesticides.

Their dramatic decline not only threatens our harvests and livelihoods, but serves as a serious warning sign that our environmental attitude and practices must change.


Saving the Bees only takes a few simple everyday changes, such as:

  • Plant wildflower seeds
  • Eliminate pesticide and herbicide use
  • Purchase local honey from community beekeepers
  • Sign the Pollinator Pledge!
  • To help support The Xerces Society, visit Chantecaille Bees Chantecaille Bees


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