Seriously, Jen Aniston Has Bad Hair Days Too

It looks like it would be so easy and quick.  It looks effortless, sort of messy, yet …perfect.  Fess up, you have looked at Jennifer Aniston’s hair at least once in your life thinking, “yep I can do that” only to have heartbreak and frustration set in two hours later when you look like you had a violent altercation with an electrical socket.

Our gal Jen has finally (after two decades) embraced the fact that we all yearn for her hair (and have committed many unspeakable hair crimes trying to achieve her look) and teamed up with the Living Proof brand as part-owner and spokesperson to promote the line of hair care and styling products.  Very smart – this now gives us all  a glimmer of hope that it might be possible to achieve her effortlessly chic and breezy look by ourselves. Clearly all it takes is using the right products (ahem). Check out this series of videos that has Jennifer talking about her bad hair days, life before the “Rachel” cut (yes she had an unmanageable frizz-head), hair confessionals from us normal women, and tips from celebrity hairstylist Chris McMillan, beauty editors, and one very famous actor.


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