The Eyes Have It – Chanel Inimitable Intense Mascara

best mascara

If I were trapped on a deserted island and could only have a few things, mascara would for sure be on the list (next to sunscreen, water, food and a Rolling Stones album).  To me, lashes are the window dressing to our soul and nothing can make eyes pop and twinkle more than several good coats of this wondrous goop.

For those like myself that have tiny tiny lashes with blonde tips – the eyes become a non-factor without mascara. I am the classic “I have to put my eyes on” type of gal.  Needless to say, I have tried just about every brand out there.  I use a brand for a year or so and then I find I have to change it up as it seems my lashes become used to the formula and then not as responsive.  My current must have is the Mercedes Benz of the fleet – Chanel’s Inimitable Intense.  Black, black black!  With only a few strokes I immediately have both length and volume.  Others would take several coats.  It has staying power, never flakes and removes easily. I do find it dries out quickly, so I replace my tubes more frequently (about 1-2 months, which is supposed to be normal) where with others I could get a longer stretch.  It is living up to its name and is really the best yet!

Chanel Inimitable Intense – $30 in department stores

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