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Adsorb Cracks the Code: Ostrich Eggs Offer Powerful Anti-Aging Antibodies

The next big thing in beauty comes out of Japan and taps into ancient origins to keep us looking young.

The newest anti-aging skin care solution has arrived and we can thank the ostrich. Dating back 23 million years to the Mesozoic period, the ostrich is oldest species on our planet.  It has survived and thrived with what is arguably the most powerful immune system ever. The staying power of this majestic albeit odd looking bird is the focus of several current bio-medical studies including possible cures for cancer, Zika, and even Ebola. The data is compelling, and it is no surprise the beauty industry is taking notice.

Antibodies are the key to anti-aging skin care

Antibodies are the key to the ostrich’s longevity. Antibodies are protective proteins that enable the immune system to fend off viruses and bacteria. These antibodies have captured the attention of Japan’s ZEAL Cosmetics and its revolutionary skincare brand Adsorb Beauty. Adsorb is the first to bring a topical anti-aging skin care regime to market built on this antibody technology – claiming to preserve ceramide production and slow the aging process. Antibodies are responsibly harvested from unfertilized ostrich eggs yolks without harming our feathered friends. In fact, Adsorb operates an ostrich farm with 300 birds that are closely cared for with special diets and exercise programs (think of a spa for ostriches). Each ostrich produces up to 100 eggs annually with a single yolk supplying enough antibodies for 5,000 Adsorb products. A highly sustainable and cruelty-free model.

Based on some major advanced scientific research from the University of Kyoto and endorsements out the wazoo from medical schools and clinics in Japan, Adsorb created a proprietary formula that neutralizes free-radicals and antigens that form on the skin from daily exposure to the elements and pollution and both interrupts and reverses the skin’s aging process. “Effectively targets the visible appearance of facial lines and wrinkles, firm sagging skin and brighten dull and discolored complexions.” Check, check, and check – yep I want ALL of that addressed. Adsorb is also “8-Free” and sensitive skin friendly.  The brand only uses essential ingredients and does not include color additives, preservatives, alcohol, fragrance, parabens or mineral oil.

Gotta have it

Although there are 11 items in the full lineup sold in Japan, we will only see three in the U.S. sold exclusively at Neiman Marcus: the AntiBody Moist Essence Serum ($140), the AntiBody Gel Cream ($130), and the AntiBody Cleansing Wash ($78).

The next big thing: J-beauty

This latest anti-aging skin care line is part of a growing trend: J-beauty.  While we all know the K-beauty phenomenon from Korea with its rigorous multi-step routines, layers of products (many with snail mucin) and application techniques, the latest coming out of Japan might focus more on science. Adsorb is now joining the ranks of SK-II, Tatcha and the venerable Shiseido brand (one of the oldest skincare brand in the world – sorry Estee Lauder). We will watch what happens.

Watch for more on K-beauty and J-beauty in upcoming posts! Much more to come on top products.


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