Pout & Pucker: Lisa Eldridge Launches First Line of Red Velvet Lipsticks

Hands down, one of my favorite makeup artists (1.8 million YouTube viewers agree) is British it-girl, Lisa Eldridge. I have spent hours watching her videos picking up tips, planning makeup looks or just relaxing after an exhausting, stress-filled week. Listening to her soothing British accent and delightful commentary lulls me into a state of relaxation and happiness. I was thrilled to learn she launched a new line of signature red lipsticks.

Not surprisingly, Eldridge chose the most iconic of all cosmetics, red lipstick, and added a modern spin with a matte velvet finish. In fact, these little tubes of joy are formulated to look and feel like velvet.

Her inspiration came from a dream about a “lipstick with a velvet fabric bullet.” That sounds so delightful – quite unlike my bizarro dreams that are a jumbled mess of the previous day’s stressors mixed with themes from my latest Netflix binge.

According to an interview with WWD, Eldridge chose red because “It’s the original makeup color, symbolizing everything from power and strength to health, sex and vitality and it works on all skin tones,” adding that everyone deserves to have a red lipstick.

Eldridge claims the formula is the first of its kind. “The surface texture is a huge innovation, as this type of delicate finishing effect with lipstick has never been attempted before mainly because lipstick is a very thick substance,” she told WWD.

Photo courtesy of Lisa Eldridge

The limited edition line comes in three shades and a chic little bag for £75.00 or £26.00 each at Lisa

  • Velvet Ribbon – a vibrant, universal neutral/blue red.
  • Velvet Jazz – a muted, earthy brick red.
  • Velvet Morning – a hot and fiery, bright orange/red.

The line is currently sold out, but in her latest YouTube video, Eldridge says more is coming and cautions not to overpay for her products found on eBay as there is no way to guarantee them. Good point. I am not a fan of buying used lipstick from a random person, so I will wait it out. You can, however, sign up to get an email notice for when the line is back in stock

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