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Looking for an eye cream that does it all? Trish McEvoy packs it in.

Puffiness, dark circles, fine lines, dryness?  Yes, yes, yes, I have all of those on a good day.  Recently puffiness seems to be the new battle.  I was told that you should not wear eye cream at night because it makes your eyes puff. What? How are you suppose to get the maximum rejuvenating effects of rest and anti-aging creams if not at night?  That piece of bad advice threw me off my eye care routine – which counteracts the best advice I ever received which was you are never too young to use eye cream, so I started when I was 17.  (Now, I get compliments from my friends commenting “wow, you have no wrinkles around your eyes!”  Thank you mom!) So for those in need of a way to address all your eye issues, I came across the new Trish McEvoy Beauty Boost Advance Repair Eye Duo.  I was cautiously optimistic after a rather exuberant presentation at a beauty trend event claiming visible difference in just seven days.  Hmmm…


Trish McEvoye Beauty Booster Eye Repair Duo

First step: apply the water-light serum.

Turns out, this combo packs it ALL in.  It is a two-step process – that only adds a nominal five seconds on to your routine.  First use the serum – a water-light cocktail of peptides, moisture binding-hyaluronic acid, vitamins and antioxidants.  A few tiny drops, pat it all over the eye and it absorbs instantly and cleanly, no residue.  Next use a small pump of the cream – which looks more like a gel.  This is packed with a high concentration of retinol paired with antioxidant resveratrol, more hyaluronic acid and caffeine.  This stuff feels like smooth satin being applied.  It makes your skin feel like the finest, softest velvet with a matt finish – really outstanding.  Best part – no greasiness.  This means your eye makeup will not slide all over the place – it stays right where you put it.  I have to say, Trish is delivering on the promise.  I have seen a big difference in just seven days.  This one is a keeper.

Trish McEvoye Beauty Booster Eye Repair Duo

Second step: use this super soft luxe cream.


GET IT NOW: $165 at Neiman Marcus

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