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Beauty Tech: This Bracelet Can Save Your Skin



Paris-based company Netatmo has created the first bracelet that measures its wearers exposure to the sun. The JUNE bracelet was designed by Camille Toupet, a French jewelry designer for many luxury brands. The bracelet can be worn on daily basis and doesn’t look like wearable tech – its UV monitor is disguised as a geometric jewel (available in shades of gold, platinum and gunmetal). The monitor in the jewel is connected to a downloadable app, on which users input information such as skin type. The app then records the users exposure to the sun and sends alerts when they’re receiving too many harmful rays. Expected to be priced at $100, the bracelet is due to go on sale any day.  We are all eagerly awaiting the launch of this stylish AND functional accessory. 


Netatmo’s June bracelet monitors the wearer’s UV exposure.


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