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Beauty and Beer? Of Course!

Never really thought about pairing the two, but turns out, it is a fun combo.  Goose Island has rolled out a line of Belgian-style beers that are just for us gals with names such as Sophie, Juliet, Matilda and Lolita.  With chic and alluring labels, you will be sipping these ales with tremendous style.  They are actually so good, you’ll win major creds with the boys for having such stellar taste in beer (be prepared for them to raid your stash as well).  To intro Benefit and beerthese new brews, Goose Island held a Beer and Beauty bash at the NYC flagship Benefit Cosmetics store.  It was a fun evening of trying all of the variations of beers while getting makeovers from the experts at Benefit (one of our favorite brands).  The real surprise of the evening was a chocolate pairing with the ales.  Wild Olphelia chocolates featured four scrumptious flavors that paired their top flavors – Southern Hibiscus Peach, Smokehouse BBQ Potato Chip, Beef Jerky and Peanut Butter Banana – with the Goose Island brews. It may sound strange, but they taste great together. The flavors really do mix nicely. My favorite pair of the evening was the peach chocolate with the Sophie ale. (Note: the BBQ Potato Chip chocolate was a close second. Yes, really.) A huge bonus was leaving with a brand new tube of Benefits’ Gimme Brow to test out (more on that in another post).

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