Have a Beauty Emergency? Dial Fine-One-One

Oh no! There’s a party you need to go to and you have no time to get home to your makeup. Well then, you need to dial Benefit’s Fine One-One for your beauty emergency!

Fine One-One-One is the new tri-layer cheek and lip color and brightener from Benefit Cosmetics.  This triple duty cream stick lifts, shapes and gives a pop of color in one swoop.  The three shades are pink champagne for highlights, sheer watermelon for a pop of color and soft coral to help contour.  Application tip: the lightest color should be on top!! This is rather genius since our trusted makeup artists are always touting the necessity of highlighting and contouring our cheeks to get the “skinny face” effect.

The Benefits of Fine One-One

There are so many benefits to having the Fine One-One cheek color with you, we just had to list them….

So Cute!

An amazing idea on a stick. Seriously, no joke! Benefit has a knack for being fun time in a small package – very convenient to throw in a small bag, no need to carry a separate blush brush.  Plus you have the added bonus of using it as a lip color.

It’s Actually Better Applying It on Bare Skin

Fine One-One seems to give a smooth and pigmented look, regardless if you have oily or dry cheeks. If you try to layer it over power or foundation, it might look a bit  patchy. It is definitely better on bare skin or on top of your liquid foundation.

Prepare Yourself for Reapplication

Thank goodness it’s portable, because it lasts for about 3-4 hours on bare skin, so you better be ready to reapply it. You may also need to give the first application a few swipes to get the color you want.  I do at least two.  Many people have noted that it is very light, so don’t be afraid to give it an extra sweep.

May Seem like an Expensive Version of MAC’s Casual Color

Although, both of them feel very similar, Benefit’s version does cost a bit more.  MAC offers 0.43 ounces of product for about $20, while the 0.28 ounce stick of Fine One-One is $30.  The big difference is the triple layer of color for highlighting and contouring.

Works for a Wide Range of Skin Tones

From the lovelies of fair skin, to the sultry medium and olive tones to darker damsels – it seems these pinky coral tones work across the board.  Darker tones may want to use a few layers to achieve that perfect glow.

We also give Benefit Cosmetics huge props on this hilarious video – very “cheeky!”

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