Fine Hair Gets a Shiny Techno Boost Living Proof Full

Is both shiny and voluminous hair just too much to ask for?  It seems I either have puffy/fluffy hair that looks dry and straw-like or I have shiny but flat locks that get oily quickly.  I had an overly complicated strategy of which products to use on certain days to gain the perfect balance.  Luckily, I recently tried Living Proof’s Full Shampoo and Conditioner. These may be two of the best hair products I have tried in a while.  I knew the Living Proof line was co-owned by Jennifer Aniston (clearly hair to envy and make millions off of) but what I learned is that this line was created in the labs at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology).  For us geek-chic gals, this is pretty cool.  According to the Wall Street Journal, the brand’s science star is Dr. Langer (a professor and chemical engineer, whose work has spawned some two dozen companies) was approached by an investor who was reading about the lack of innovation in beauty products. He and a colleague bought an array of hair and skin products and found many were simple reformulations of the same ingredients ( I always suspected this). Anti-frizz products, for example, are mostly silicone based, and their technology hadn’t changed much in three decades.

Within 18 months of founding the company, the scientists identified a molecule called OFPMA that is an especially effective barrier to moisture, the chief cause of frizzy hair. A second molecule, called PBAE, fashioned with synthetic chemistry and robotics techniques developed in Dr. Langer’s lab, has properties that give hair more body.

Full works differently than traditional volumizers. Instead of puffing up the hair at the root, it uses the patented Volumizing Molecule (PBAE) deposits a micropattern of tiny thickening dots throughout each strand. The result: hair that looks and behaves noticeably full and thick with volume that lasts 5x longer than traditional volumizing products AND – wait for it – is super shiny.

 My hair also feels cleaner and stays cleaner longer due to this genius formulation.  Full is ideal for fine hair and is sulfate-free, silicone free and oil-free so it is safe for chemically-treated hair. Not to mention, it smells fantastic!

GET IT NOW! Sephora, Living Proof Full Shampoo and Conditioner, $24 each. Living Proof Full


Photos: Wall Street Journal

Photo: Wall Street Journal

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