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La Vie en Rose: Chantecaille Rose de Mai

This month Chantecaille celebrates its 15th anniversary with the introduction of an elegeant and luxurious new moisture cream made from one of the  world’s most natural healers: the rose. Specifically, the Rose de Mai found in Provence, France.  This rose only blooms once a year, of course, in May. La Crème à la Rose de Mai is infused with this pure rose extract (for brightening), wild-pansy extract (for wrinkle resistance), and sweet-pea stem cells (for detoxifying). Rosewater has been known to cure a multitude of health problems, including depression, insect bites, inflammation, sunburn, and anxiety. Ancient Romans not only drank Rosewater but also bathed in it, benefiting from its anti-aging and cooling qualities. From calming stressed skin to healing light breakouts, this cream will be sure to leave you glowing.

GET IT NOW! $210, Space.NK Chantecaille

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