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New to Lash Extensions? Here’s what you need to know…

I am going to share a life-changing experience with you.  After spending my entire makeup-wearing life blazing through every kind of mascara on the planet, I discovered lash extensions.  These tiny wisps have been around for quite a while, what’s new is the boom of lash bars, especially in NYC. Almost as common as nail salons, lash bars and eyelash extensions are part of the city girl’s basic beauty regime.

I landed on a no-frills place on 14th street called BlingLash.  They offer an impressive selection for a fairly reasonable price starting at $90 – $150 for a full set.  Of course they encourage you to come back often for fill-ins, but I don’t find it necessary to go more than once a month – I can even stretch to two months.

Once you hike up the steep staircase to the second floor, you walk into a room of full of beds.  At least two-dozen women are lying feet to the wall on flat massage tables with a crew of eyelash wizards diligently working away.  It is a clean room with bright lights and pop music pumping away on the speakers.

Initially you meet with your lash technician that will walk you through your choices.  They offer four types of lashes: synthetic (Bling), mink, silk or double, then you select the desired thickness, shape and length you would like.  Choices include sexy, glamorous, natural, cute, or full.

Initially I started off with a sexy eye shape graduating in length from 8mm up to 10mm at the longest. I was stunned at how detailed this is – each and every lash was individually glued on.  They looked amazing and completely natural.  I did not even notice I was wearing them.  I also quickly realized, that, with my love of lashes, I needed bigger, longer lashes so now I am up to 12 -13mm lashes.

The process was fairly easy – you lie down and look up.  They gently tape down your lower lashes – so they don’t stick together – and then the biggest challenge is to stay awake and not snore – almost impossible BTW. It is a rather relaxing experience.  You have to turn off your phone as there is NO WAY you can take calls during this process and it makes you blissfully unavailable for a good hour and 15 minutes or so.

Before and after lash extensions

Once done, they remind you that you can’t get them wet for 24 hours. From there, you are gorgeous 24-7.  Even when you wake up sick as a dog or looking like you were hit by a party bus the night before, these babies take the edge off and give you a fresh look.

They suggest avoiding mascara, but I use it regularly.  I am very gentle when I wash my face and use oil-free eye make up remover that I lightly pat over the lashes with a tissue (don’t use cotton as it sticks to the lashes).

As the days pass, lashes will fall out, some by themselves, some come off with your natural lash attached.  Eyelashes grow and fall out on their own, but extensions cause a bit more fall than normal. I recommend Mink or Silk lashes as they are the lightest and will not fall as quickly.

There are plenty of horror stories out there so make sure you choose your lash bar or technician carefully.  I have worn these for more than a year straight and have finally taken a break to see what state my natural lashes are in.  More on life after extensions in another post!


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