Ultimate Shampoo and Conditioner for Color Treated Hair Orbie

As a connoisseur of shampoos and conditioners for color treated hair I had to try a line that has been scooping up tons of beauty awards – Oribe for Beautiful Color.  I have fine hair that is blonde, but I have a lot of it.  I always found shampoos for color treated

hair to be quite heavy, leaving my hair limp and generally cranky or I would get pretty greasy after one day. Conversely, volumizing products would leave my hair too puffy and a bit frizzy.  Oribe’s combo is truly delightful.  It gives a nice rich lather, has a fantastic scent and leaves hair tangle-free.  It does not weigh the hair down, but still leaves it soft and shiny.  I can go for a few days without getting oily.  The best part is that helps extend the life of hair color – whether your blonde, brunette, red, pink or even blue – this line will help keep you color fresh looking longer.  Its high-tech, yet ultra-gentle formula claims to target damaged areas for more intense moisture, fortify over-processed and chemically treated hair while providing UV protection to guard against the color-depleting effects of environmental pollutants and the sun.

There is also a deep conditioning masque that just might be my summertime savior.  This rich masque provides an intense restorative treatment that smoothes the cuticle and leaves hair silky without weighing it down.  It also brings some brightness and brilliance to chemically treated hair that can
sometimes look a bit dull after too many treatments.

A very cool offering from Oribe is the travel pack.  They have a great 7-day set of the shampoo, conditioner and the masque. Packaged in convenient sealed beautiful-color-travel-set-boxpacks, these can easily travel without the fear of leaks or confiscation by those irritable TSA agents at airport security areas.


Buy It Now!  Shampoo $37, Conditioner $39 and Masque $59 at Neiman Marcus

Travel Pack $19.50 at






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